Sivakasi Nadar’s Kamaraj Matriculation School


Physical Education Department believes that physical education is an integral part of the holistic development of every child.  We aim to develop fit and healthy students who are also resilient and adventurous. We do this by helping our students adopt life-long healthy habits. We also work at improving our students’ overall fitness and wellness, develop in them games proficiency and inculcate important values such as teamwork, resilience and grit through sports. 

Beside adhering to the PE Curriculum, various other robust and engaging programs are organized to develop the students interest in physical education and increase participation physical activities.

We strongly believe that all can and should:

  • Enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of sports/games
  • Enjoy at least one team and one individual sports/games
  • Enjoy outdoor physical activity
  • Assess personal fitness and design a personal fitness programme that relates to total wellness
  • Demonstrate the spirit of fair-play, teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Acquire safe practices during physical activities

Volley Ball

Serving plays such an important role in the game. If you serve well, things usually go well for your team. Playing off the double entendre associated with subpoena servers, this quote about volleyball serves notice that your server is one to reckon with.

         “if you don’t succeed it doesn’t mean you are a failure. If you do succeed it doesn’t mean that you are king of the world.”

         -David Beard

Table Tennis

There are times when we are looking for sayings and searching for the best ping pong servings to beat our opponents but we forget it that sometimes it’s the smashes and spins that can make us win.

 Don’t quit when the chips are down. The greatest comebacks are often backed by relentlessness.


The Art Club consists of students who share a common passion for art. The members aim to hone their art skills in their term in art club. Students are exposed to various art forms as well as media as in two dimensional and three dimensional artwork. This would provide the students a wealth of enriching learning experience which incidentally help to develop into confident individual. 

The art club allows members to grow and develop their leadership qualities as they step up and volunteer their service through sharing sessions. Thus an empowering learning opportunity takes place and students are nurtured and encouraged, with the hope that they become role models to inspire others in the school

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Till 2021 we have sent 28th batches for X std public examination and our students scored high marks with centum results.

To bring about the all round development of the learner and mould them into the best citizen of the society and nation.


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